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When uninterrupted production of mobile mapping is important

Experience the power of Horus CityMapper, the unrivaled solution for creating a comprehensive inventory of streets, railways, and waterways. Designed with a modular approach and equipped with cutting-edge features, it revolutionizes the way HD mapping companies and asset managers capture and extract high-quality GIS data. Ensure your success by embracing continuous production, enabling you to meet project deadlines, maintain data accuracy, and stay ahead of the competition. 

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Novotecni, Spain
Marco Scotton, Fieldmanager
"Thanks to CityMapper we reduced our setup time from 90 to 20 minutes, which also allows us to grab more milage, earn more money and complete projects fast."
Mapster, USA
Nick Hickman, CEO
"Our experience with the LadyBug6 camera has been exceptional. The panorama images are beautiful within the Horus GeoSuite mapping software, and the LadyBug6 has proved to be the comprehensive turnkey camera perfectly suited for our mobile mapping services."
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Mobile mapping isn't just buying a 360 camera

The CityMapper’s modular design allows you to tailor the system to your unique needs. Equip it with the industry-leading Teledyne spherical camera (Ladybug5Plus or LadyBug6) and a high-quality Applanix GNSS/INS positional system of your choice. Additionally, you can enhance its capabilities by integrating three planar high-resolution cameras and mapping-grade LiDAR. 

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What components to use for mobile mapping?

Selecting the right components for your use case is difficult if you are not experienced. Let us help you with the following:

We will help you make the right choice for your purpose of use that suits you.

CityMapper with Ladybug 5+ or 6

Robust and high quality and high productivity imagery based mobile mapping system. Ideal for HD mapping and assetmanagement purposes.

HX High resolution cameras

Focusses the pixels on target of your interest. Ideal for digital and visual road inspections (raveling, cracks etc.), points of interest mapping or other inventory or inspection tasks.

HX Thermal infrared cameras

Mapping temperature differences on a large scale. Used for fail-prevention of assets, dectecting anomalies like insulation, moisture or heat stress for real estate, tunnels and cities. 


Mapping precise geometries of certain objects, like superelevation of the road, curbs, conductor rail. 

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Frustrated with complex mobile mapping operations?

Horus CityMapper streamlines the process.

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