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Looking to unlock the potential of your Trimble MX system?

Maximize the value of your system with inspection quality cameras!

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// Horus MX Extension

Camera based reality capturing is the future

Get decisive insights with high accuracy, using imagery data for your mobile mapping applications. Here’s why it is the right choice for you:

  1. Affordable and easy to collect.

  2. Identifies objects and features like asset conditions and graffiti.

  3. Creates visually appealing and informative maps.

Make the switch to camera-based mobile mapping and enjoy these advantages over LiDAR data. You can take road inspections to the next level with Trimble MX’s tailored High-Resolution Camera extension. Or try the Thermal Camera extension for capturing thermal data during tunnel inspections to detect leaks.

Our stand-alone camera extensions seamlessly integrate with Trimble TMI to provide high-quality imagery data ready for automated mapping and inspection.

// Our Story

History of Integration

Horus, a pioneer in mobile mapping in the Netherlands, developed their advanced mobile mapping systems over 12 years ago. We designed our underlying Horison Framework software to be flexible, compatible with various components, and ready for future changes.

We are well-prepared to handle projects that require the latest technologies. In the Netherlands, we’ve successfully provided complete mobile mapping systems with high-quality cameras to many construction, infrastructure, and utility companies.

Since 2020, we’ve noticed more requests for extra sensors. That’s why we’ve partnered with Trimble to improve their systems by adding High-Resolution and Thermal Infrared features. This partnership offers new possibilities for Trimble MX7, MX50, and MX9 users.


High-Resolution Extension
Thermal Extension
// Ease of use

Turnkey solution

For the Trimble MX7, MX50, MX9 systems.

// technology index

What are the recommended viewing options?

Discover the perfect viewing options for your needs! 

We will help you make the right choice for your purpose of use that suits you.

Front setup

This is the standard camera set-up that we deliver. It offers a broad view with each of the cameras overlapping each other.

Road inspection (Right of Way)
Road surface
Traffic signs
Tunnel Inspection
Smart City Management (3D Mesh)

Side setup

This setup helps gain information on stores, house numbers, street signs, and more!

Cadastral GIS Management
Real Estate Insulation

Wide setup

This setup helps gain more insights into traffic signs, light poles, power lines, and more points of interests.

Road Surface
Overheating Asset Detection

Rear setup

This is the second most common camera setup. The close distance between the road and the camera offers a sharp view of the road without losing pixels from the roof or hood of the vehicle.

Road inspection (Right of Way)

// Output

See it for yourself

High Resolution POI​

High-Resolution is the go-to for extracting Points of Interests.

Not only is the street sign sharp in display, the water utility sign was crystal clear in the high-resolution image output.

Thermal Infrared & 360 image

Experience the power of Thermal Infrared over a 360 image.

Not only does it give you a clear context of the surroundings, but it also saves time and ensures efficiency when digitizing assets.

Looking to future-proof your system with next-gen sensors?

Extend your system with high-definition and thermal infrared cameras

// Answers to your questions


Is this extension exclusive to Trimble?

Although the MX Extension is specifically designed to work seamlessly with a Trimble MX product, we also provide HR extensions to complement other systems. Ask about the possibilities

How many cameras can the MX Extension support?

The standard delivery is a three-camera configuration that covers most of the desired area of interest and is, in most cases, completely sufficient. Depending on your specific needs, we can equip the MX Extension with up to 4 high-resolution cameras or up to 4 thermal infrared cameras. Contact us today to discuss your application and find the perfect configuration for you.

Is it possible to switch between front-facing and rear-facing mounts?

Our standard delivery includes a mount for both front-facing and rear-facing setups.