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April 24, 2024

customer case | Assetmanagement

Mapping 18,000 Kilometers of low voltage powerlines

SC HELMERT SRL, established in 2009, has made a significant impact in the field of land surveying and geospatial data management. Headquartered in Bacău, Romania—a city steeped in culture—the company derives its name from the renowned Helmert transformation, a method that minimizes data distortion in local coordinate systems.

Over the years, HELMERT SRL has risen to prominence as the premier surveying company in Romania’s Moldova region.



Helmert was faced with a significant challenge: inventorying 18,000 kilometers of low voltage powerlines for a comprehensive GIS dataset. This project required not only mapping the main poles but also tracing connections from intermediary poles to individual houses. Given the vast distance, the challenge demanded an efficient and accurate solution.

01  Maximizing Daily Coverage

HELMERT SRL evaluated multiple options, including Orbit GT (Twin Motion), alongside Horus. While Orbit GT had its merits, its slower speed and complex 2-click parallel extraction process made it less practical and costlier. Horus, on the other hand, proved more responsive and user-friendly.

02  Simplifying Data Integration

Find a workflow to integrate the current methods for collection and processing 360-degree imagery, sourced from different systems produced by various manufacturers. Allowing to handle various data sets with ease.



The Horus MoviePlayer, specifically the Horus LayerManager, was utilized to tackle these challenges. With the Horus software, a single user was capable of mapping out 900 to 1,000 poles daily, which equates to approximately 25-30 kilometers of the network. This efficient process was made possible by the 3-click method within the Horus LayerManager. Over a period of 13 months, around 7,000 kilometers of poles were precisely mapped using Horus.


Precision Positioning

Precision in GIS data is important. Working with the Horus LayerManager has enabled them/Helmert to accurately position low voltage poles within complex street frames. This tool has not only enhanced our their accuracy but also their efficiency.


Simplifying Data Integration

Utilizing the Horus View & Explore software, Helmert has seamlessly integrated 360-degree imagery from diverse systems and manufacturers. The Horison framework has been instrumental in this success, allowing them to handle various data sets with ease.


3-clicks method

The Horus 3-click method has been a cornerstone of Helmert’s operational efficiency, enabling the team to average an impressive 25-30 kilometers of network mapping each day. This approach minimizes the time spent on data entry while maximizing the area covered, ensuring that large-scale projects are not only achievable but also completed with precision.


Our team was faced with the challenge of efficiently mapping out a large network of low voltage powerlines. We evaluated several options, but Horus stood out due to its speed, user-friendliness, and the ability to efficiently integrate various data sets. The Horus LayerManager not only simplified our process but also ensured high accuracy, which is vital in the complex layouts of street networks. The choice for Horus software was not only based on speed and user-friendliness but also on the ability to efficiently integrate various data sets.” 

– Senior Management, SC HELMERT SRL

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